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You've worked hard to get certified...Now what?

Appraisers know value. We can take a couple of sales and prove the value difference between a two-car and a three-car garage. We know the value of a half bath, finished basement, and updated kitchen. We know if market values are trending upward or downward.

But what is the value in being a Licensed or Certified Appraiser?  Is the value of that license trending upward or downward?  Obviously, the most meaningful thing appraisers can do to protect their interests and that of the profession is quality and ethical valuations.

The second most important thing you can do to protect your license is Join UTCAP. Join us

UTCAP Mission Statement

Our mission is to keep Appraisers informed by monitoring appraisal issues at the state legislative level that

could adversely affect the Appraisers in the normal course of their profession. We exist to safeguard and

advance the mutual interests of all appraisal professionals in the state of Utah. We accomplish this by striving

to provide timely information to our members and by being a collective voice by providing a liaison to concerning

legislative representatives and regulatory events. We accomplish this through funding from our membership

and by providing periodic education classes.

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  • UAA 2020 Spring Conference March 12-13


FHA Will Accept Exteriors and Desktop Appraisals

New FHA Guidelines: https://www.hud.gov/sites/dfiles/OCHCO/documents/20-05hsgml.pdf

Desktop Appraisals: https://www.hud.gov/sites/dfiles/SFH/documents/ModelApprDesktop_OnlyCert_03_27_20.pdf

Exterior-Only Appraisals: https://www.hud.gov/sites/dfiles/SFH/documents/ModelApprExterior_OnlyCert_03_27_20.pdf

(updated on 03/31/2020, so please check for any new releases or updates from FHA)


Excerpt from the 1st Quarter Utah Division of Real Estate Newsletter:
Fingerprinting and License Renewal

On March 16th, the Division discontinued performing fingerprinting.  We are also aware that many other locations around the state have discontinued this service as well.  On March 30th, the Bureau of Criminal Identification announced they are discontinuing fingerprinting services until at least April 14th. Please check our website for additional information.

Until further notice, we will not be requiring enrollment in RAP Back fingerprinting to renew your real estate and appraisal licenses.   This will be in effect until fingerprinting resumes.  Please keep in mind, those who do not submit to a background check and enroll in RAP Back during this renewal cycle will be required to enroll at a later date.  Please note that delaying the RAP Back fingerprinting requirement does not affect the requirement to disclose criminal history that occurred during the prior licensing period, if any.  (See the link below for the full newsletter)


1st Quarter 2020:  https://realestate.utah.gov/newsletters/q1_2020.html

 4th Quater 2019:  https://realestate.utah.gov/newsletters/index.html

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